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Girnar Mountain

Girnar_1Girnar The mountain 5 km. from Junagadh and is the main tourist attraction in the area. Girnar has five principal peaks. It has roughly 9,000 steps.

UPERKOT- certainly worth seeing Jain temples.

The peak of Ambaji, with a height of 3,330 ft (1,010 m), is famous for the temple of Ambaji.

The third peak, Gorakhnath, at 3,661 ft (1,116 m) above sea level, is the highest point of mountain,

There are good natural sceneries from the top of the mountain.

The path to Dattatreya temple is difficult. On the top of the peak is a small temple on the padukas of Guru Dattatreya.

The best time to start ascending is early morning

Spots to visit on Girnar Kamandal kund;    Bhimkund, Gaumukhi Ganga, Pathar chati, Bhairavjap, Bharatvan Sheshavan, Hanumandhara and jatashankar

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Damodar kund ( Temple )

damodar kundDamodar Kund / Damodar raiji Temple

Built in 500 ad. This often reconstructed kund (water reservoir) is a check dam.  This kund is about one km before the bottom of Girnar Hill. Damodar Kund is a holy water reservoir that marks the ascent to the Girnar temples. It is surrounded by a well-built ghat.

The great saint poet Narsinh Mehta used to come here daily in early morning for bath & prayer.

To reaching the temple the bridge was created by divan Haridas Vihari of that period on personal cost.

It is believed that here Lord Krishna placed a flower garland around the neck of the great poet and Saint Narsinh Mehta. Every year lacks of pilgrims take bath in damodar kund.

damodarkund old+new copy

 OLDER                                            RECENT

Close to Damodara Kund is Revati Kund.

Much kund Caves – Famous place where Krishna ran and came from Mathura after which he was named as Ranchod Rai. His enemy Kal Yavan was following him.

Close :– No holiday.

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Bhavnath Mandir ( Temple )

bhavnath mandirIn the shadow of mountain girnar  bhavnath temple attached with mrugi kund. The Bhavnath Mahadev temple is a shrine ensconced in myths and legends of the Puranic era.

There are two main annual festivals: Maha Shivaratri and Girnar Lili Parikrama.

The fair during Mahashivaratri is held for five days commencing from the Hindu calendar  date of Magh Vad 9, during the Gregorian months of February-March. About 10 lakhs people visit,.

The evening leading up to the midnight ritual of Mahashivaratri, at the wrestling grounds, or akhada, next to the temple, the naga bavas gather for a ritual involving a blend of dance and martial arts.

parikarma gateGIRNAR PRIKRAMA: – Starts from kartik    11 to 15 lakhs people. The periphery of Girnar hills on foot about 40 km.

Girnar Mountain -Junagadh Enjoys the religious of natural beauty. Every year during the period of five days ending on the full moon day of Kartik month, a circular excursion to mount girnar (Parikrama) is held. Lacks of people take part in it.



It goes from Bhavnath Temple to Jina Bawa Ni Madhi, Hanuman Dhara, Malvela, Bordevi and return to Bhavnath Temple.

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Akshar mandir ( Temple )

akshar mandir-junagadh Akshar mandir is the Temple with beautiful surrounding with garden at  Junagadh. Built by His Holiness Shri Pramukh Swami Maharaj of B.A.P.S. (Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha). This devine place situated near Motibaug botanical garden ( Junagadh agriculature university) on the road to Veraval / Somnath. The main temple is a replica of the temples of BAPS built in New York, London and New Delhi. Every tourist and pilgrims must visit this temple at Junagadh. The god statues looks like real and the makeup and presentation is superb. The temple is clean and very  well maintained. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Aksharvadi Timbavadi Road Junagadh 362001 Gujarat India Phone: (0285) 267 1752, 267 1989 Fax: (0285) 267 1908 http://www.baps.org/Global-Network/India/Junagadh/Visitor-Info.aspx

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