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 Gujarat’s first and India’s only one private


Works Since 2001


Planetarium Since 2008.

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 –Science Museum – Junagadh science museum is the first science museum started in Gujarat state and is the only private science museum in India.

Science Museum EntryThe objectives of science museum To develop scientific Temper. To nurture and stimulate scientific faculties of mind. To showcase breakthrough in science and technology. Making science appreciation and entertainment experience for the common citizen.  While providing special offering the educated & gifted. Its aim is to facilitate Edutainment i.e. education through entertainment. Specially to rural area students and people.

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Visitors would discover science by themselves in the science museum. More than 50 working project based on sound, light, electricity, electronics, magnetism etc. are exhibited. This place that does not have a display “Please don’t touch”. This exhibits urges to touch and manipulate the exhibits to their liking.


Because of the educational value of the science museum, since 1999 GUJARAT COUNCIL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (GUJCOST) has advised the educational institute to visit the Science museum during their educational tour of junagadh.

More than 80 thousand students and tourists visit the science museum every year.

3D film theatre – The ultimate movie experience takes you to places you only imagined. Dive into the undersea world, to the journey of Grand Canyon, space travel, wild life let you feel like you’re really there. The experience is really full of fantasy and excitement.

3d movie show -Junagadh

Attached to science museum the planetarium engaged in promotion and population of astronomy among the masses specially the students. Its dome takes you the virtual tour of universe – solar system, comet, galaxies. Black hole and manmade marvels – the international space station, Hubble telescope and voyager.


Timing of science museum:-
10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M and  3.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.

( No Holiday).



*  Science museum :- Rs. 25.00 ( Per person )

* Planetarium :- Rs. 25.00 ( Per person )

Duration of Planetarim show :- 20 Minutes .

Language :- GUJARATI.

(  For Planetarium  Show MINIMUM AUDIENCE 20 Persons)

* 3-D movie Rs. 45.00 ( per person)

( for 3D movie show MINIMUM AUDIENCE 10 persons)

Duration of 3-D movie : – 15 Minutes.

* Upperkot Darshan ( Dron movie) Rs. 15.00 ( per person)*

( for Upporkot Darshan movie Minimum audience 10 Persons)

Duration of movie :- 15 Minutes Language Hindi.

For Educational tour 50% discount.